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Encapsulating emulsifying cream for hydrocarbon breakdown.

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Product Features.

Encapsulating emulsifying cleansing cream composed of plant extracts and derivatives, pH neutral, with excellent eco-toxicological properties, miscible in water in all its proportions.

Its properties enable rapid breakdown of hydrocarbons or similar dispersed substances, avoiding far more serious consequences for nature and wildlife, with no harmful release to the environment

Non-toxic and totally biodegradable

Does not contain V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Components) solvents in relation to EU legislation (1999/13/EC) and US legislation (CARB/ EPA 40FR 59.203(f)1)

Contains no acids, phosphates and preservatives

Non-irritating and non-corrosive


It does not contain enzymes and bacteria. Before the active ingredients of plant extracts are extracted, their enzymatic part is inhibited by irreversible inactivation method

It contains no volatile substances, so it does not release fumes unlike common solvents

Can be used on a wide scale of temperatures as it is nonflammable


Fields of Application

Indicated for application in the petroleum sector, its disintegrating action of matrices of fossil nature, such as: chemical and petrochemical, refineries, extraction plants and platforms, fuel service areas, tank and cistern remediation, environmental recovery and remediation, effective in soil washing, for the treatment of water contaminated by dispersions and spills of hydrocarbons, oils, and high substances of organic or inorganic origin, on different matrices facilitates their removal by retaining the substances present.

It is the suitable product for "Post Accident" Road Securing and Restoration,airport runways, highways, its ease and speed of use combined with immediate road restoration performance as it provides the necessary grip without leaving any absorbent residue.

Fuel and special waste transportation:

Naval ports, ships and boats, engine room, engines, gears, mechanical equipment, etc.

Airports, Trains and rail yards, freight transit areas, conveyor belts, etc.

Industries, body shops, machine shops, metal shops, automotive, car wash and food car preparation, etc.


Methods of Use

Its cream composition, and the presence of alpine salt, allows better application on vertical surfaces or inside tanks to be reclaimed, promotes the permanence of the active ingredient on contaminated surfaces, and improves performance in this type of intervention.

Manual deployment:

It should be used pure, and distributed manually with brooms or power brushes in a way that allows for the quick encapsulation of substances and facilitates their washing and removal from treated surfaces.



Safety Directions

  • It does not require special transport and storage conditions.
  • No specific hazards are found in normal use.
  • It does not require the use of masks, protective uniforms and vacuum systems.
  • Does not contain substances hazardous to health according to Directive 67/548/EEC et seq.
  • adjustments or for which there are recognized exposure limits.
  • The mixture is not to be considered hazardous according to EC Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP).
  • No hazard labeling.

The plant-extracted raw materials at the base of the product:

  • They are not classified as hazardous to health according to European Directive 67/548/EEC.
  • They are not classified as "DANGEROUS SUBSTANCES" according to the European Regulations for the Transport of Chemical Substances.
  • They are not among the volatile substances (V.O.C.) defined by European Directive 1999/13/EC and subsequent Directive 2004/42/EC.
  • They are classified: "readily and rapidly biodegradable."


Safety Directions

No hazard labeling is provided.





Characteristic Data

Physical state:

Colorless liquid








Packaging and Transportation


5 Kg - 15 Kg

Safety Data Sheet

30/06/2022, revision 3

Safety Data Sheet

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