Liquid solution to reduce and eliminate odoriferous emissions of organic order.

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Air pure

Product Features.

Formulation composed of plant extracts and derivatives in a water base, pH neutral, with excellent eco-toxicological properties, miscible in water in all its proportions.

Specially designed for abatement of unpleasant odors caused by organic reactions, fumes, odors emanating from animals, bacterial colonies, etc. It is non-viscous, thus suitable for use in all types of automated circuit and system, without risk of pump blockage (C.I.P., can/coil coating, etc.).

Non-toxic and totally biodegradable

Does not contain V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Components) solvents in relation to EU legislation (1999/13/EC) and US legislation (CARB/ EPA 40FR 59.203(f)1)

Contains no acids, phosphates and preservatives

Non-irritating and non-corrosive



Fields of Application

Suitable for application in the agricultural and livestock sectors in order to abate organic odorous substances. Due to its characteristics, it can be used in environments where people or animals are present, for example, in stables, milking rooms, food production and processing lines, storage areas, washing vehicles used to transport animals and foodstuffs, etc.

Important is the application for the treatment of organic odors produced by waste where collection takes place, starting from dumpsters, transport vehicles, sorting and processing plants to landfills, in sewage treatment plants, etc.


Dilutions and Methods of Use

It can be used pure or diluted as needed, either manually or with pumps and spray systems.

Manual use: Spray or apply directly to rooms and surfaces to be treated.

For industrial areas, warehouses, waste storage, with important dimensions, its application can be done through classic spraying, pump spraying or automatic systems, diluting the substance between 1% and 5%, depending on the type of matrix, organic or inorganic that generates the odor to be neutralized.


Safety Directions

Does not require the use of masks, protective suits and vacuum systems in normal use.

Does not contain significant amounts of substances whose limit values must be kept under control in working environments.

No specific hazards are found in normal use.

The plant-extracted raw materials at the base of the product:

  • They are not classified as hazardous to health according to European Directive 67/548/EEC;
  • They are not classified as "DANGEROUS SUBSTANCES" according to the European Regulations for the Transport of Chemical Substances;
  • They do not fall under Volatile Substances (V.O.C) as defined by European Directive 1999/13/EC and subsequent Directive 2004/42/EC.

They are classified: "readily and rapidly biodegradable."

  • Does not release respiratory irritants. In case of contact with eyes, wash thoroughly with water. Product not to be ingested.


Safety Directions

No hazard labeling is provided.



Contiene:(Reg. CE 648/2004) estratti vegetali, derivati vegetali, <1% tensioattivi non ionici, profumo.


Characteristic Data

Physical state:


Miscibility in water:

in every relationship




~ 1,015


~ 100%




Packaging and Transportation

Sizes: -5KG -10KG -25KG -1000KG

Safety Data Sheet

30/06/2022, revision 3

Safety Data Sheet

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