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EnvironmentThe solution for environmental remediation comes from nature

The solution for environmental remediation comes from nature

The geopolitical dynamics of our current times and the emergence of global phenomena related to the need to pursue policies of climate adaptation, synergy between institution and private individuals, acceleration of opportunities for scientific research and cooperation between economic realities help to understand the importance of supporting enterprises and scientific incubators that pay special attention to technological innovation in terms of sustainability of industrial processes, enhancement of the circular economy and implementation of the points of the United Nations Agenda 2030.

The work that Nur International has been doing for several years in innovative research for the applicability of eco-sustainable solutions to the different processing cycles, suitable for the reduction of industrial impacts or from them, which may possibly harm public health and the protection of biodiversity, promoting projects for the realization of products from the recycling of industrial production waste, in collaboration with some industrial partners that have allowed the realization of some initiatives, attempts to strengthen the international dynamics, implementing and affirming also the economic, social priorities and points of Agenda 2030.

Tests conducted in the field, using the mixtures in remediation and reclamation activities or for soil washing, testify to the effectiveness at passing natural chemistry.

Thanks to applied scientific research, Nur International has managed to develop solutions composed of substances of plant origin, capable of transforming and eliminating pollutants such as: crude oil, fuels and derivative compounds. The characteristic of this line of products is the speed with which they act, the neutrality to the environmental impact, eliminating contaminants and the different experiments carried out in different areas of the World that over the years have resulted in surprising results and excellent levels of quality.

In Italy, the advanced industrial system and research in the area of circular sustainability aims to reduce hazardous waste from remediation activities, destined for disposal, by accentuating the sensitivity to the use of natural substances, a project that focuses on the values of Made in Italy and economic circularity and that emerge in all its peculiarities, as tests conducted in the field, using these mixtures in remediation and reclamation activities or for washing soils, testify to the effectiveness at the passage of natural chemistry.

These processes differ from the international market in their ability in terms of sustainability, reducing impact and risk in the operational phase, and substantially reducing the waste to be disposed of, cloning the virtuous defense system that nature has shown us recently during the pandemic period.

The results obtained from the intensive research and development work conducted by the company Nur International, defined the different application areas. The study activities, examined in the laboratory and later in the field, have confirmed the effectiveness and sustainability of plant extracts, already in the application of the AIR solution, as it has corroborated the capacity of olfactory remedy, immediately eliminating odoriferous particles produced by organic substances. These are important products that can be used in that industrial world related to the processing of any production line that by its nature emits odoriferous substances due to its industrial processing cycle, eliminating the unpleasant odor problem that results.

The advantages of this treatment technology lie in the possibility of using these substances in aerodispersion, even in the presence of people and/or animals, as they do not contain substances harmful to health and the environment. However, the company Nur International, thanks to its constant participation in international events and numerous moments of discussion between experts in the field and the scientific world, continues in the development and testing of new products with high technological content, keeping the principle of sustainability firmly in place with the novelties worthy of attention.

We find liquid mixtures that facilitate the activity of treating matrices contaminated by heavy hydrocarbons or derivative substances, either through onsite applications or through "soul washing," which allows the transfer of hydrocarbons contained in contaminated soils and rocks directly into the washing water, water-solubilizing the substances present: breaking the chains composed of hydrogen and carbon reduces the complexity of the treatment process during the purification phase of the washing water, with the aim of transforming it into a substance that is not hazardous to humans and the environment.

An important area, and one that has already been widely applied in sea dispersion, during accidental spills of hydrocarbons into the sea or related watersheds. The instantaneous action of the mixture called "LOOSE" allows the action of "freeing" the surfaces from those "oily patches," which preclude the oxygenation activities of the aquatic environment, instantly breaking down the hydrogen and carbon molecules of the hydrocarbon compound chains, eliminating the risks to aquatic flora and fauna.

For specific interventions, research has developed new formulations including a GEL for the disintegration and removal of more complex compounds, both because of the environment in which they operate and the type of contaminant. The special concentrated mixture adheres and lingers on walls and ceilings, allowing a prolonged time of action.

The gel formulation does not contain any kind of thickener and its density is the result of mixing plant substances, ensuring applicability even with traditional spray systems, without the risk of clogging equipment nozzles-a solution that is, at the same time, practical, effective and fast. Finally, the relationship between circular economy, logistics, and Emergency Preparedness Intervention (EIP) solutions also becomes essential for harmonious economic development with respect to safety and sustainability. The composition of PIE is that of a creamy substance, made so by the content of alpine salt, which promotes its absorption, has an immediate action of encapsulating contamination (which is why it finds particular application in the field of post-accident road restoration or accidental spillage on yards workshops or other), guaranteeing the standard of making the contaminated part safe, and with a simple rinsing and vacuuming of the treated surface, the immediate restoration of "GRIP" conditions for the safety of the treated surface is achieved, without any risk to the movement of vehicles and people. In compliance with environmental criteria, the treatment does not require special containers, since after vacuuming the material, it is sent to the purification treatment, reducing the disposal costs of traditional absorbent powders, sepiolite, filler or other composites destined for inerting or thermodestruction plants.

The Loose mixture allows surfaces to be "freed" of oily slicks, which preclude oxygenation activities in the aquatic environment, by breaking down the hydrogen and carbon molecules of the hydrocarbon compound chains.

A concrete synergy between research, business and public institutions triggers important dynamics for the growth of entrepreneurial and business opportunities in our economic system, respecting the environment and the points of the UN Agenda 2030. What's more, the goals set for sustainable development have global validity, affecting and involving all countries and components of society, from private companies to the public sector, from civil society to information and cultural workers. The equitable-sustainable regeneration of territories, mobility and territorial cohesion, energy transition, quality of life and circular economy are the five macro areas in which the programmatic lines of the UN Agenda are developed and place the person at the center, aiming at the promotion of healthy lifestyles, the definition of balanced life times, the design of equitable living conditions, the promotion of actions aimed at human development, lifelong learning and an accessible, sustainable and respectful economic development of all creation.

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