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A company with specific expertise gained in their respective specializations.

Initiatives x the future

Changing the modern world for future generations by creating sustainable, nature-friendly solutions.


Engage in building a path of ethical and cultural change in businesses. Reducing waste is the first economic and environmental savings, as is helping to spread best practices by securing the environment and workers, because the two are inescapable in the scenario of modern social and economic development.

Working safely allows for better production performance while reducing the resulting risks to humans and the environment. Our company has chosen to finalize partnerships with companies that produce technologies and solutions in compliance with the standards defined by our code of ethics. Pursuing conceptual models that respect and safeguard human rights, the regenerative force of our Mother Earth, is a civic duty, because everyone's well-being starts here.

We have a duty to "MAKE" strategic choices oriented to give guarantees, starting with the need to use good practices and products that do not carry pictograms identifying eco-altering content on the label. Respecting nature and defending it, is the "life motive" shared by our TEAM and our CUSTOMERS, we do not limit ourselves to carrying out activities in full compliance with regulations and in the field of environmental prevention and protection, but we have gone further, we have structured integrative training and awareness paths for companies.

The innovative format we have created, contemplates an extension of current training models, involving entire family units of businesses, because knowing the businesses means first of all culture, and serves to dispel false myths that see businesses as examples of unhealthiness, when today they are businesses that have grasped the importance of equipping themselves with the best technologies to reduce their environmental impact, for sustainable development from which everyone will benefit and be "aware" protagonists.

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Innovation and
strategies for sustainability!

Nur International has specific expertise gained in their respective fields by our founders, this allows us to be a reference point for the public and several private companies in the areas of circular economy and sustainability, through innovative research pathways for the reduction of industrial or resulting impacts that may harm public health or the eco-biological system.

The team of Consultants, specializing in various areas from research and development, marketing and training in the environmental sector, have gained and consolidated significant experience, at leading companies in this important sector. 

We have structured strong partnerships with Leading European Companies dealing with environmental solutions of various kinds: municipal waste treatment and sorting plants, plants for the production of Secondary Solid Fuels, technologies for treatment during remediation both for soils particularly contaminated with hazardous substances, and for the treatment of groundwater polluted by chlorinated solvents.

The technologies described here sons have been used in petrochemical sites on the national territory.

  • Environmental Consultants: With skills in planning, rationalization in support of the client in the ordinary and extraordinary management in the area of waste arising from the production cycle, as well as acting as an administrative contact with regard to the keeping of mandatory records for the activity in question, completing the specific training of personnel.
  • Designers:Specialize in devising alternative solutions in both solid and liquid scrap cycle and activities aimed at energy conservation.
  • Management Consultants:Experience in the environmental sector in selecting, organizing, managing and training resources appropriate to client needs.
  • Financial Consultants:Professionals with proven experience in finding the financial resources needed to carry out the planned works by intercepting the opportunities that the relevant institutions make available for industrial activities in the relevant area.

Initiatives x the future



fter decades of activity dedicated to environmental management, we have decided in 2019 to start a new entrepreneurial journey with our Company NUR, an oriental name that means LIGHT , that light we need to kindle in our consciences that sensitivity we have lost over the years. Too many times in these decades dedicated to our work, we have been faced with environmentally desperate situations, realizing that there is no more time and, that things do not happen unless you take action yourself. Today marks the 50th anniversary of " World Environment Day" proclaimed by the United Nations Assembly on June 5, 1974, coining the slogan "Only One Earth," with the realization that we do not have a planet B. The first piece of a puzzle that is still incomplete today. From year to year the pieces that compose it become more and more numerous in proportion to the increase in populations, because the universe does not have infinite resources and therefore the division of responsibility falls on all human beings and by their behaviors, suffice it to say that by May 15, 2022, "Overshoot day," Italy had already exhausted the renewable resources that the Earth is capable of generating within 1 year. The onset of industrial development allowed civilized society to live and think about a prosperous and dignified future, thinking about providing adequate education for their children, afford the luxury of going on vacation and having fun, all of which made people perceive that anything was possible, seemingly an idyllic scenario, a historical period that made people lose track of certain values, including land defense.


t all, however, came to a halt when the wheel stopped working, the industrial crisis shortly thereafter claimed its first victims, everything suddenly collapsed, and the population realized that the time had come that never would have been foreseen. Speculation and lack of attention have left deep scars in the immense brownfields, contaminated land and water, the lack of safety measures have caused serious illnesses, due to the unhealthiness of several production activities, which have consequently caused serious damage to the health of workers and the environment, leading to increasingly visible climate changes, with catastrophic events. One piece, perhaps the most significant was the approval of the proposed constitutional law on February 8, 2022 by Parliament, which enshrines the protection of the environment, biodiversity and ecosystems among the fundamental principles of the Constitution of the Italian Republic. This chrono-history stands to signify how much work has been done, but how much more we still have to do, because everything depends only on us, on our responsibility, on our respect for people and for the environment we live in, every gesture, every action must make us think because it could lead to irreversible consequences for the environmental system.


's application of good practices and common sense must start from every sphere; professional, industrial or public, but it cannot disregard the behavior of individuals, because everything we have received on loan, we have a duty to preserve for future generations, and this depends only on us. In our daily life we try to provide our clients with advanced solutions and technologies with unique peculiarities, for the management of remediation activities in different matrices, contaminated soils, crude oil spills at sea, or in other emergency situations where time determines the future for what is contaminated, because experience has taught us that there is no time and now we can meet the challenge by protecting the fauna and flora of our planet. This research achievement makes us proud and we want everyone to enjoy its benefits, the technology will be made available to those who wish to pursue with us the goal of returning a better world to future generations. For those who would like to share our project can email and will receive all relevant information and insights. Only One Earth we would like to become everyday, because every day we must protect and preserve creation as it is a gift from God that we have received as an inheritance and we are an integral part of the universal system.

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