Green factories to manage resources from Waste Collection and Water Cycle.

Circular Economy

Reduction and reuse of materials before sending them for recycling.


Training new professions for confronting the adversities of the planet.

Bio Energy

Innovation to animate energy and environmental sustainability goals.

green planet

The protection of the environment is a matter for the welfare and development of society, it is, therefore, a duty of all people and all countries, without any exclusion.

Ecological way

Responsibility for
the future

Protecting the environment is important because resources such as air, water, plant species, and animal species are not inexhaustible, but often, and unfortunately, have been treated as such.

Today, therefore, it is necessary to learn to consider the consequences that one's actions can have on the environment. Ignorance or indifference, in the long run, can cause enormous and irreversible damage. On the contrary, thorough knowledge, small actions and daily attention can help preserve the environment and the surrounding nature, thus achieving enormously beneficial effects on everyone's life and improving its quality.

Protecting the environment means making concrete and constant efforts to improve the living conditions of every citizen. The company Nur International strives every day, through its work, to set an example, demonstrating its willingness to protect the natural balance, respecting our planet and, above all, our neighbor.

the product

PURE. The solution

Air, Gel, Loose and Pie Pure is the innovative system. It is an environmentally sustainable "liquid technology" composed of plant extracts in a liquid base, with excellent eco-toxicological properties, miscible in water in all its proportions.

Environmental Consulting

Consulting, assessment and training for companies and employees in environmental management.

The Society

To be a reference point for public operators and private companies in the areas of circular economy and sustainability.

Presentation Ideas

Meetings for comparisons and insights into the management of environmental solutions.


The "nurforsea" project to save the sea from household and restaurant waste cooking oil.

eco news

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New generation of substances,
safe and environmentally friendly

The research and studies conducted over the years have led to outstanding results in the field of industrial remediation and environmental recovery, creating a new concept that aims not only at the physical elimination of pollutants but also at their total degradation, accelerating through simple and effective mechanisms this process.

Air pure
pure gel
loose as well
pure pie

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